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Ride of the Kings in Vlčnov

Ride of the Kings in Vlčnov
23 – 25 May, 2014


Friday, 23 May

17.00 – Na Měšťance Gallery
Vlčnov, 750 years of the village – historical photographs, according to the newly issued book on Vlčnov
Opening day and presentation of the book and its authors on May 18, 2014

20.00 – Sports and Culture Club
Verbuňk Dancers of the Uherský Brod Region IX regional round of the Verbuňk dancers’ competition

20.00 Stadium
Rock dance party
Reflexy Originál and Gong rock bands

 Saturday, 24 May

Revived monuments

Farmhouse No. 57

14.00 – 17.00 making of Vlčnov hats, part of the national costume – D. Knotková
blacksmith’s and farrier’s craft – K. & J. Mikulec

Farmhouse No. 65

14.00 – 17.00 making the roses for the horse decorations – P. Kučerová, A. Vlachynská

Moravian Slovak House No. 739 (below the church)

14.00 – 17.00 – embroidering with a sewing machine – A. Chovánková
Park, the village square, behind the church
14.00 – 17.00 Folk craft market

The village

From 14.00

Singing in the Village

Park – At the stone

Vlčnovské búdové umělkyně (women’s choir), Mladí Bruštíci dulcimer band with fašank ensemble from Strání, Plkotnice women’s choir from Suchá Loz, men’s choir from Korytná,

men’s choir Hútek from Bánov


The village square
Vlčnovjané brass band, men’s choir from Vlčnov


Park, in front of house No. 65


Men’s choir from Vlčnov, Vlčnovské búdové umělkyně (women’s choir), men’s and women’s choirs Podolie from Terchová (Slovakia)



16.00 Welcome to Vlčnov performances by Vlčnov folklore ensembles, choirs, music bands and guests

Sports and Culture Club

18.30 Vlčnovjanka brass band
20.00 King’s Rule Passes on

A gala programme with the King’s rule passing on and introduction of the riders of 2014

21.00 – Sports and Culture Club
Dance party with Vlčnovjanka brass band

Viniculture buildings area – búdy – from 19.00 Till Early Morning
free entertainment with dulcimer bands

Sunday, 25 May

St. James’s Church
8.00 Holy Mass
offered for boys and girls born in 1996, and for the King, František Šobáň
Procession of the King with his entourage
to the village office, meeting with Vlčnov's mayor

Park, the village square, below the church
8.00 Folk Craft Market

The village
9.30 – 12.00
Singing in the Village
Park – at the stone, the village square, park in front of house No. 65
men’s choirs from Terchová (Slovakia), men’s choir from Míkovice, men’s choir from Vlčnov, women’s choir from Terchová, men’s choir from Korytná, Vlčnovjanka brass band
At the village office – Burčáci dulcimer band + men’s choir from Míkovice
At the King’s house –Vlčnovjané brass band

Revived Monuments
Farmhouses No. 57, 65 and 739
demonstration of handicrafts – see the Saturday programme
Farmhouses No. 65
– decorating the horse of an adjutant – in the yard
– decorating the wagon for the boys of the next King’s entourage – in front of the house

10.00 – St. James’s Church
Holy Mass

11.00 – 13.00
Songs for the King
performances by guest and local ensembles, choirs and bands, foreign guests from Terchová (Slovakia)


From 11.30 – the village
Ride of the Kings 
Route: The ride starts from the King’s house at the corner of Brodská St. and Rybáře St. (No. 35), turns from Brodská St. into Kounicova St., then goes along Pode Dvorem St. and Tyršova St., turns at Sokolovna into Masarykova St., down to the main crossing, then along J. Plesla St. to the ceramics workshop; here the ride turns and goes back to the main crossing, turns right into Hlucká St., goes to the cemetery, turns and goes back to the main crossing, turns into Masarykova St. and to Uprkova St.; here, in front of the pub U Ježků, it joins the folk costume parade; as the final part of the folk costume parade it goes along Masarykova St. to the main crossing; the King with his two adjutants goes to the amphitheatre to take part in the King’s Circlet programme (the riders wait at the crossing); then the King comes back to the riders, and the riders accompany the King to his home.

14.30 – the village
Folk Costume Parade
The parade gathers in Uprkova St., in front of the pub U Ježků, goes along Masarykova St, turns in front of the bakery to the amphitheatre, presents itself at the stage and leaves for Rybáře St.

15.30 – Amphitheatre
King’s Circlet
closing performance by the King and his entourage


16.00 – Amphitheatre
Musicians’ Farewell
dance party with the Vlčnovjanka brass band


Na Měšťance Gallery
750 years of Vlčnov
Opening day 18 May, 2014, at 5 p. m.

National Costume of Vlčnov and its Development
permanent exhibition

Park in front of the church
In Our Vlčnov
exhibition of large-format photographs in the park

Farmhouse No. 65
permanent exhibition of a traditional house

Farmhouse No. 57
permanent exhibition of a traditional farmhouse, smithy and beekeeping

House No. 739 (below the church)
exhibition of a traditional house

Home Distillery Museum – barn of farmhouse No. 65
permanent exhibition of home production of distillates

Wet weather programme

Saturday: 14.30 Brass band concert – Sports and Culture Club
Welcome to Vlčnov – Sports and Culture Club
King’s Rule Passes on – Sports and Culture Club
Till Early Morning – Sokolovna

Sunday: 11.00 Songs for the King – Sports and Culture Club
Singing in the Village – Sokolovna
Brass band concert – Sokolovna


Friday CZK 100 Verbuňk Dancers of the Uherský Brod Region IX

Saturday CZK 150 King’s Rule Passes on, ticket with seat reservation

Sunday CZK 150 all-day ticket, adults
CZK 100 all-day ticket, children from 10 to 15, pensioners
Free children up to 10

and disabled persons (upon presenting a ZTP/P card)


The programme is subject to change.


Znak obce 27 November 2011, the Ride of the Kings was entered in the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.


Under the aegis of:
Mgr. Daniel Herman, Secretary of Culture of the Czech Republic
MVDr. Stanislav Mišák, Governor of the Zlín Region

750 years of Vlčnov – since the first written record


Klub sportu a kultury Vlčnov, p. o.
telephone +420 572 675 130, +420 572 675 500

ksk@vlcnov.cz, www.kskvlcnov.cz

Vlčnov village office

telephone: +420 572 675 112
obec@vlcnov.cz, www.vlcnov.cz

An Internet Wi-Fi connection during the Ride of the Kings will be provided by Coolnet Vlčnov

Other events in 2014:
26 April – Party of 1996, 4 May – Pilgrimage for the Ride of the Kings to the Church of St. Anthony of Padua in Blatnice, 10 May – Mother’s Day – amateur theatricals from Strání, 11 May – School gala, 20 – 21 June – folk crafts demonstration, 22 June – Brass bands show, 6 July – Native Americans’ Summer, 26 July – Village feast – Singing at the búdy reservation, 27 July – Village feast day, 30 August – Revival of 1970’s – a period afternoon, 31 August – Farewell to summer holidays at Pepčín, 21 September – Tasting of vdolečky (Moravian Slovak cakes), 15 November – Hrozen amateur theatricals, 29 November – Country ball, 6 December – Christmas traditions in Vlčnov, 31 December – New Year’s Eve meeting at Pepčín (The programme is subject to change.)

MAP of Vlčnov



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